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Vacancy Core Team Member

The new core team is looking for an additional team member to complete the composition. Will you join us?

Since February 2024 we are functioning with a new structure for The Hang-Out 070 with a core team in the role of coordinators. We already have six members and are looking for another member. The new core team in 2024 will work towards achieving an independent organizational structure with a board.

These fundamental questions remain crucial for THO 070, while we continue to define clearer mission and goals:

  • How can we continue to organize with various queer initiatives in our shared community space?

  • How can we enhance our ability to provide a safer intentional space?

  • What does it mean to center queer BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)?

  • How can we invest more in empowering our communities?

  • How can we further develop our sense of shared responsibility and ownership?

  • How can we embrace being an intergenerational space?

What do we offer?

  • A space for learning and growth together

  • Professionalization trajectory with training on leadership, public speaking, media training, organizational development, conflict resolution, fundraising, vision-building, and more

  • Inspiring environment to facilitate program development for empowerment, queer culture, and connectivity

  • Financial compensation of at least 250 euros per month

What are we looking for?

  • Commitment for two years, structurally 8-10 hours per month. It might require more hours occasionally.

  • Team player, eager to learn and grow together

  • Expertise and experience in social media, newsletter, and internal communications

  • Active investment in connecting Queer BIPOC communities

  • Actively promoting new initiatives and events organized by Queer BIPOC

  • Ambitious and motivated individuals dedicated to building a sustainable future for THO-070 and queer BIPOC communities in The Hague in general

  • Comfortable communicating in English and Dutch

We are particularly looking for Queer BIPOC individuals of all ages from 18 years old.

The new team member will take on work and tasks in the following broad work areas. We would need some flexibility with doing different types of tasks in the short-term. Examples of the work packages can be found in the appendix.

  • Event management

  • Training & Workshops management

  • Community care

  • Financial management

  • Communications internal

  • Communications external

  • Facility management

If you're interested in this role, please send us a motivation letter with your CV to ideally by Wednesday 5 June 2024. We will continually review the candidate base and postpone the deadline if needed.

In your application, we would like to hear what you feel is missing in The Hang-Out 070 and what you can bring to the team. We would also like to know more about your current involvement with Queer BIPOC communities. Interviews will take place shortly after the application deadline, and we look forward to receiving your applications.



Event management

  1. Facilitates communities/initiatives to organize in The Hang-Out 070

  2. Checks in with different initiatives to stimulate event organization (in particular for the program queer culture)

  3. Initiates a quarterly event where all involved communities/initiatives come and organize together (in particular for the program connectivity)

  4. Facilitates the evaluation of events

  5. Streamlines the shared agenda (TimeTree) 


Trainings and workshops management

  1. Maps out what the needs are in the different queer communities

  2. Invites facilitators to give training and workshops which are accessible to all connected communities (in particular for the program empowerment) 

  3. Invites facilitators to give training and workshops which trains the team members to board members (in particular for the program professionalization)

Community care

  1. Responsible for the safety of different communities in the space

  2. Responsible to invite community members as volunteers to support anyone of the core team 

  3. Plays an active role in establishing mediation or conflict resolution when necessary

  4. Deepens connections for professional support in mental health issues

Financial management

  1. Responsible for a healthy financial mix for The Hang-Out 070,
    including fund applications and other forms of funding

  2. Shares knowledge about fundraising with the involved queer communities (for example in the form of workshops as part of the program professionalization)

  3. Create the annual financial plan, interim financial report(s), and budgeting

  4. Takes care of all financial flows

Communications internal 

  1. Takes care of all social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and the website

  2. Makes monthly newsletters

  3. Is concerned with all written texts of the organization

  4. Takes care of text translations

  5. Streamlines marketing and communication for all involved queer initiatives/communities even/communities that function in The Hang-Out 070

  6. Streamlines communication between the different communities/initiatives


Communications external

  1. Contact person for external parties such as financers (i.e. Gemeente Den Haag)

  2. Contact person for other Queer communities/initiatives in Den Haag, nationally and internationally

  3. Attends network meetings with other parties

  4. Maps out potential collaborations for the future with other organizations and communicates these efforts with the broader community

Facility management 

  1. Coordinates the shared responsibility in maintenance and cleaning of the space

  2. Contact person for everything that is concerned with the physical space, such as water/gas/electricity

  3. Contact person for Broedplaatsenbeleid (important intermediary in Gemeente Den Haag to sustain our position as a social-cultural community space)

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