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Your donation helps a queer safe(r) space in The Hague!

Without donations, we wouldn't have a THO-070. Help us whether you are queer or not! With your contribution we can continue to organize different activities , support queer people in need, and maintain this important space we share together.

At the end of the year we will publicize how many donations we received and what we spent them on.

You can donate in the following ways!

Through IDeal


Press the button below

Decide how much you want to donate

Choose your bank and voila!

Through PayPal


Press the button below.


Choose pay/transfer 

Choose amount and voila!

Transferring directly

Do want to transfer an amount of money to us or set up a monthly contribution? Then use the data below: 

t.a.v. Stichting Rainbow Den Haag

NL49 INGB 0007 3465 00

Don't forget to mention that this is a donation for THO-070!

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