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How are we organized?

THO-070 is a part of Stichting Rainbow Den Haag (KVK 27256211). We finance our projects through government/municipal subsidies, funds, and donations.

Using a freelance construction, Rainbow Den Haag appoints the coordinator(s) who then captains organizational duties and carries the responsibility for THO-070.

We also wouldn't be where we are without our dedicated volunteers who help us organize activities, offer a shoulder to those in need, and help direct The Hang-Out 070. We make a distinction between incidental volunteers (our Helping Hands) and structural volunteers.

Do you want to contribute to our inclusive queer community?

Coordinating THO-070

The coordinator is the person who carries the main responsibility for the organization. This includes overseeing executive processes, managing the different volunteer groups, and staying in contact with the municipality.

This leadership position is subject to scrutiny and has several democratic failsafes installed. The coordinator is only elected into their position if approved by a majority share of volunteers.

Currently active coordinator(s)

  • Riyaz van Wegberg (since 2020)

E: Riyaz [at]

T: +31 6 28 795 134

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