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About THO-070

The Hang-Out 070 is a 'living room project' breathed into life to offer a safer space to the LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual) community in The Hague and the surrounding region. We are a safe haven where everyone can be themselves, where they can discover themselves, and where they can meet peers in a private, safe manner.

We also organize events that correspond to the core themes and values of the queer community. In our work, we choose to center the perspectives, lived experiences, and needs of LGBTQIA people of color and LGBTQIA migrants.

We believe that by uplifting these specific communities in an LGBTQIA-framework, the conditions necessary to defeat structural discrimination can be developed.


Our efforts concern a The Hague where our communities feel free and liberated. By organizing ourselves as a safe haven for oppressed peoples, we help the struggle against discrimination on every vector!

The future is exciting, and we want to see ourselves grow into a strong institution that the marginalised can rely on. We want this, because we need one, too - so we started building it!


THO-070 is building a The Hague where queer people can come home to.

We see a city where QPOC are celebrated for their existence, a city where they don't have to hide their identity in order to conform to patriarchical or white supremacist norms.

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