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Do you require our logos and designs? You can find those on this page.

Everything has been designed by Hidden Lion Studio


Logo in .eps format
Logo in .png format
THO-070 - Logo color.png
THO-070 - Logo Black.png
THO-070 - Logo white.png
THO-070 profile pic 3.png

About the logo

In the words of the designer:

A fresh logo for The Hang-Out 070. A symbol for a community that empowers, connects,
facilitates growth, builds a family.
The safe space in The Hague where LGBTI+ poc can feel free as a bird, where they can
bloom, where they can always be themselves.

Triangle/Pyramid: home, security, connection, family, to build something

Bird: freedom, exploration, expression

Bird of Paradise flower: growth, the place where people bloom

The story behind our colours

onze kleuren.PNG
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