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General accessibility measures

  • We will hold breaks during our events;

  • We have a sensory secluded area, if you'd like to use it ask one of our organizers about it. You can recognise us by our THO-070 tags;

  • We do burn incense inside sometimes, let us know if this hinders your breathing;

  • You are always free to leave the event (without giving notice) 



  • We have a ramp that's accessible for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. There are always volunteers to help you get on and off the ramp;

  • We have a wheelchair accessible toilet;

  • Our space can be somewhat chilly, if this is uncomfortable for your body, we'd advise to bring some warmer clothes;

  • Service animals of all varieties are welcome at our events and the Friday Hang-Out;

  • If you'd like to join us in an event or on our weekly hangouts and you require some help or information about accessibility in any way, please send us an email! Together we'll find a way to make your visit as good an experience as possible.

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