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Safe(r) Space richtlijnen

No single place can be completely safe, we (The Hang-Out 070 & Beuys Bois) try our best to create and maintain a place that can be safer to our community. What you’ll find below are not laws but guidelines that we would like our community to acknowledge, follow and learn from. We refer to the shared space with Beuys Bois as The House.

Shhh, we are a safer space and like to keep our location private!


  • Participants of events should keep in mind that the address and location info should not be shared. 

  • When sharing images or promotional material, keep in mind whether a stranger could identify the location. The address itself should not be traceable. 

  • All people who enter are expected to be willing to reveal their identity and engage with the community, by staying anonymous our safe space is compromised.


 Being together is a dialogue.

  • Respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. Ask first before touching, even for handshakes and hugs, and listen and change your behavior if someone tells you that you are making them uncomfortable.

  • By continuing to breach consent, you will be asked to leave and you are no longer welcome at the space.

  • Respect the privacy guidelines of the space/event. Usage of cameras or recording devices is allowed only with explicit permission from event coordinators and other attendees.

We center BPOC queer people here. Dare to be queerly, wonderfully mindful.

  • Our house is born out of the need of queer people with a non-Western background for a space to be together.

  • Please respect our house and treat it as such.

  • Everyone is different: respect the diversity of identities and backgrounds you may encounter in the House. 

  • Try your best to remember everyone's names and pronouns but when memory fails; check in with each other and be respectful. Don’t be shy to ask twice!

  • The act of speaking is a way of claiming space, be mindful of who could use the space to express themselves. Prioritize listening, accommodating and acknowledge that others may need the services, guest spots or events more than you do.

​We love, so don’t bring in hate.

  • We ask you to keep in mind what privileges you have been afforded and act from a place of humility.

  • We are aware that racism, queerphobia, xenophobia, classism, ableism, and many other forms of marginalisation exist. Let's work together to untrain ourselves from these modes of thought. 

  • No law enforcement personnel are allowed in the space at any time. If they come, do not let them in without a warrant.


Who we are and want to be is valid.

  • Do not voice assumptions or judgments of anyone’s gender identity, sexual preference, survivor status, health status, economic status, religion, background, beliefs, opinions, etc. 

  • Respect others’ right to privacy both during this dialogue and beyond. Do not push anyone to answer questions they don’t want to answer, and do not share anyone’s personal stories outside of this dialogue, unless given consent.

  • Be aware that your actions and words may have unintended effects on other people and that their feelings are valid, regardless of your intentions.

  • Assume positive intent. If someone does or says something that crosses a boundary, gently let them know, but do not assume they intended harm.

We are a community of care.

  • We intend to build a respectful and loving place.

  • If you witness any abusive or inappropriate behavior, let a facilitator know. They will take action to reestablish safety and will try to meet the needs of people who were affected by that behavior.

  • Although confidentiality is a key element of our dialogue, there are exceptions. If someone expresses an intention or desire to harm themselves or someone else, you must take action.

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