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Welcome to The Hang-Out 070

We are a QUEER, LGBTIAP+, INTERSECTIONAL SAFE SPACE that focuses on empowering the many communities in the The Hague region. We accomplish this by focusing on activism and education and organizing activities that strengthen our communities.


We choose to center the experiences of queer people of colour (BPOC). This means that everyone in the QUEER, LGBTIAP+ community is welcome in our safe(r) space - it also means our work primarily focuses on Queer BPOC. This with the help of community members as volunteers!

Our Mission

THO-070 is pledging always for:

A The Hague and Haaglanden area where lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, intersekse, non-binary, asexuals and pansexuals people of color can feel safe,

A The Hague where they can be celebrated by and for being different without having to comprimise to a white and heteronormative society

A The Hague where we can be free to be ourselves without being bothered in our freedoms and safety 

Deze missie begint in onze safe(r) spaces.

Our community

Queer of alle ages and all corners of the world of all classes, who value community and human rights. Those  who acknowledge that we live in a world where different systems of marginalizations like colonialism are still active and therefore respect our mission to center black and people of color queers in and around The Hague.

Queer people of different generations inspire, support and celebrate each other. We believe in that a diverse generation of BPOC queer people need a community. 

That's why we don't do age categories.

But we do offer space if their is a need for age specific activities. 


We organize activities that connect and unite the queer communities in The Hague, because no one has to feel alone or abandoned.

The Hang-Out is the opposite of loneliness.

Community Building

Our organization can do what it does for The Hague's queer communities thanks to our tireless and devoted volunteers.

The Hang-Out is made out of everyone, but especially out of you and me.

Come join our team!

Safe(r) Space

We offer a safe haven to everyone from The Hague and the Haaglanden region.

The Hang-Out is more than a place to be yourself - it's a place where you will be welcomed.


We are dedicated to help create a The Hague where queer people can be safe.

Interested in reading our reports?


Some facts

  • We started on 18th of march 2016 as a 'living room project'

  • In 2017 we organized the first succesful Pride Walk ever in The Hague

  • In 2021 our first location opened: from living room, to living house!

  • We don't publish our visiting adres to maintain safety for out queer community


The Hang-Out 070 wouldn't be possible without the help of our sponsors.  


Want to sponsor us? Click here.

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Find more on Queer Support The Hague 

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