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Communication Group

Reaching queer people so they can also be part of our community

Our way to connect

Are you someone who wants to deliver a clear message for queer BPOC in The Hague and beyond? Help people find each other and connect? Then you'd be a perfect fit for our Communication Group!


What's the function of our Communication Group?

As the name would suggest, being a part of the Communication group means you'll be working on the communication between the organization and our community. We're responsible for making The Hang-Out 070 and its activities known to the outside world via social media. We also run the sign-ups for events and make sure that every email, tweet and dm gets answered. Together we'll talk about what fits for you, and how you'd like to contribute to the group. Thanks to your efforts, we make sure everyone is connected!

Want to learn more?

Become volunteer at
The Hang-Out 070!

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